Positions vacant

Positions vacant

Neurophysiology Scientist

  • Location Sydney
  • Type Full time
  • Posted Opened 60 days ago
  • Closes 20 August 2021

Seer Medical is a Melbourne-based med-tech company with an ambitious agenda to challenge the status quo of how healthcare is delivered. Through award-winning medical devices, mobile apps and software solutions combined with an extensive research and development program, we are shifting the patient center of care from the hospital to the home.

Our mission is to empower patients and their doctors by creating new care pathways that are entirely free from the inefficiencies of bricks and mortar institutions. Building on our expertise in epilepsy, we are creating end-to-end systems that give people control over their health and put them on a path to better medical outcomes.

With a strong team, Seer Medical will be the global technology leader in home monitoring across neurological, sleep, and cardiac conditions by 2026.

We know this is possible because of the impact Seer Medical has had on how neurology is practiced here in Australia. Since 2017, we’ve helped more than 7,000 Australians get the answers they need — cutting waiting times from several months to just a few weeks, diverting 100 bed years away from hospitals and saving the health system over $50 million. Today, Seer Medical sees more than double the patients requiring video-EEG than all of Australia’s hospitals combined.

Our international expansion aims to provide:
– improved healthcare access and experiences to patients
– objective information to healthcare providers to improve clinical decision-making and care
– curated data at an unprecedented scale for future discovery
We will be able to do this through advances in:
– mobile, wearable and implantable devices
– access to internet, cloud computing and cloud storage
– machine learning, data analytics and artificial intelligence

In parallel, our digital health platform is the best-in-class epilepsy management tool on the market, with seizure risk forecasts being readily available to the millions of people living with epilepsy around the world.

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